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Radius is a mobile application designed to enhance the Art Center Orientation experience for both incoming students and administration faculty. Through user research and interviews, we found that common concerns about the orientation revolved around three main areas; information, communication, and navigation. One main issue was students being able to navigate through a large amount of both physical and digital information within a short period of time.


We interviewed about 20 first term students and pulled these highlights from the interviews. One of the topics that was repeatedly brought up was the line for ID photos. Students also said that receiving class schedule late in the week made it hard to make changes and get prepared before classes started. Additionally resources specifically for transitioning to and getting settled in the local area were missing.We also interviewed the orientation organizers, these are some key quotes:”Additional information that was not in workshops or lectures was put on the orientation USB stick, not sure how many people actually used it””Turning orientation from a 5 day event to a 3 day event is very difficult””Getting photo ID’s taken is a huge challenge in terms of logistics mostly because the number of students””Giving students access to digital information sooner would be very helpful”

“Letter and email of acceptance were lacking and needed a human element””Acceptance packet is too much information, intimidating but had all the information I needed””Did not use the digital information I didn’t know how the thumb drive worked. Felt that the lecture style information was too much””Waiting in line for an hour to take student ID’s was unpleasant””Thursday was too late to have schedule”


Through our preliminary wireframe ideation we discovered that we had to connect several different features fluidly within one system. We achieved a level of progressive disclosure through using our chatbot. Dotty guides the user through the startup and introduction to the app, as well as submitting important information.

User Testing

Left: After testing we realized that our users thought that the QR code was unique to them and attempted to scan the QR code in the app. We changed the preview to focus attention on just the code.Right: Originally we had just the attachments button linked. We quickly realized that people were tapping on the user picture icon in the message. We ended up linking both.

High-Fidelity Mockups