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Digital VR



Project Info

My final for Design 2 was to create a sculpture. Two of the objectives were to explore intersecting volumes and interesting footprints.

Below the video you will see my process. I wanted to explore the concept of a VR installation piece. Before I could do that I created several prototypes.

The assignment required us to “remix” another students work. I chose Alex Jangs Unity with variety piece.


After sketching I created my sculptures in Sketchup.

I utilized the components feature of Sketchup to keep the model symmetrical. The one featured on the right is a component that has been duplicated and flipped.


From there I exported them to a program called Slicer. Slicer can take in 3D model files and then divide it up into layers that can be cut on a laser cutter. You can define the sheet size as well as thickness. Using the program I set the file up for laser cutting and laser-cut pieces. Using the program I added two dowels to most to help with keeping the layers straight.


We settled on a single prototype and I started working in Unity for the first time. I borrowed some Windows Mixed Reality gear and spent almost 30 hours total working on the final.

It was a rewarding experience and I learned how to use several programs.

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