Highway.ai (ListReports and MBS HIghway)

My time at ListReports started as an internship which turned into a full-time offer that I saw through until a year after acquisition when the Highway laid off the research department, head of product, and one of the founders.

ListReports was a place where everybody trusted each other, and I was given the keys to the kingdom on day one. Even as an intern,  I had access to send messages to all of our customers, and database access to understand what they were all doing. With that trust, I was able to be effective in understanding internal and external processes and optimizing our company and our users.


Curated Work

Please drop me a line for a curated set of work from my time at the company.

Drop me a line

I am interested in the confluence of Artificial Intelligence, and human interaction. Let's connect especially if you are part of a social good non-profit. I work fully remotely so am always open to video coffee chats and more!


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