About Me

As a side job when I was still attending Cal Poly as a Graphic Communications major on the beautiful central coast, I worked in the College of Science and Math IT department, troubleshooting students/professor’s software and hardware. Day in and day out the same questions kept on coming up over and over, I would hear what people were trying to do and see how they were trying to do it. After CalPoly I was in and out of school pursuing other degrees like marketing and business. It wasn’t until a few years ago after watching Ready Player One that I knew that I wanted to use my design brain to tackle new interactions in this new virtual space.

Fast forward to now, after using various machine learning/AI services I have realized that I want to spend my career as a UX Researcher interrogating automated decision making. When I am not working, I take my camera to document just how diverse and beautiful our planet is. I have come to realize that "Designing a thing is not enough". I like to get into the nitty-gritty details of the research behind the design choices. 

Screenshot of a grid of photos: A pasadena government building, squirrel, bird, rocks, trees, otter, and sculpture in Joshua Tree

"On the side"

I have never been a clock-on, clock-off type of person. I have terrible "work-life balance", but I don't feel that actually matters. I make sure that my work aligns with my life goals and passions. Here is a curated list of "side" projects.

Two students in snorkel gear taking notes underwater.

UX Consultant / That Tech Guy

Interactive light sculpture with 8 LED Leaves

Interactive Sculpture

Floating VR Sculpture, mix of materials like water and grass and an arctic backdrop.

VR Sculpture

Press Mentions and Interviews

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SAP (Internal) - Designer Enablement (4.28.21)

Drop me a line

I am interested in the confluence of Artificial Intelligence, and human interaction. Let's connect especially if you are part of a social good non-profit. I work fully remote so am always open to video-coffee-chats and more!


Decorative: Artists representation of Dillon's grey dog mimi, a Maltese poodle.