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After finishing putting together the teams for SoLA DesignJam, our second design challenge at 1 AM, I had an epiphany. We were tired, but we weren’t beat, we had been shown amazing support from the community because we shared the same vision, not because we had a plan.

We put in the hours because we believed that this DesignJam would be the bridge to the design world that is needed in South LA and the greater design thinking community. The high school students that participated in the challenge have won full scholarships to ArtCenter Extension classes, mentorship opportunities with design thinking leaders, and invitations to speak at TedX Crenshaw next year thanks to our shared vision.

Our "what-we-do" changes, but our "why-we-do-it" doesn't, when we connect, please tell me more about your "why". My work is rooted in empathy and understanding through collaboration with knowledge partners. If you share the same vision of combatting systemic inequities, let's talk.

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Cedars-Sinai 9 Month Fellowship


ActivQuest (UX Research is a crystal ball)

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